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City of Aspen

Residential Trash and Recycling

We provide all weekly residential trash, recycling, and compost collection.  Being a resident in the City of Aspen there are a few different Ordinances to follow.

Refuse Containers:

Bear Proof Container

Any refuse container left outside or for curbside pick up for a house, garage, or other enclosed building which is accessible by wildlife, must be an approved wildlife-resistant refuse container or wildlife-proof refuse container.  The definition of Wildlife is any non-domestic indigenous animal. Including but not limited to bear, deer, elk, raccoon, coyote, skunk, mountain lion, porcupine and fox.

Placement of Container:

Refuse Container can be placed at curb, alley or public right of way between 6:00 am to 7:00 pm the same day of service.

Recyclable materials:

We provide you with a container in which you can place your recyclables in. Items you can recycle are newspaper, office paper, glass containers, plastic containers #1-7, steel cans, and aluminum can. We as haulers are to provide you with weekly recycling service along with your trash service at no extra cost. If you have any questions on your recycling please call us.


In trying to improve our services and lessen the impact on the environment, we also offer a weekly composting  collection. Compostable materials we pick up are animal or vegetable food scraps, organic materials that include paper products and products that are designed to completely break down in composting facility. To start your weekly collection or please give us a call.

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