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City of Rifle

Residential Trash and  Recycling

Allowable solid waste materials:

Allowable solid waste materials are all ordinary household items that are non-hazardous. All items must fit inside your 64 gallon and/or 96 gallon trash can. No items are to be placed on top of the lid or outside the trash can.

Trash cart should be placed in the street at the curb with the arrows pointing out. The container should not be within 3 feet of any obstacles.


Two recycle bins are provided to Rifle residence for more information click on Recyclable materials.Please place all recycling bins at the curb on the left side of the driveway and the trash container on the right side of the driveway. This will ensure better visibility of both recycle bins.

Allowable special pick up items:

Appliances (including refrigerators):           3 per year per residence

Furniture                                            4 pieces per year per residence

Tires:                                                      4 per year per residence

Car batteries:                                    2 per year per residence

Oil:                                                            2 gallon per month per residence

Tree limbs tied in bundles no longer than 4 feet in length, and 3 inches in diameter.

The schedule for the said special pickups shall be as follows:

1st Wednesday of the month                      oil, batteries, & tires

2nd Wednesday of the month                     appliances

3rd Wednesday of the month                      furniture

4th Wednesday of the month                      tree limbs tied in bundles no longer than 4 feet by 3 inches in diameter.

To schedule a pick up:Please call our office at 970-876-5900 and request a special pickup.   Please inform our customer service agent with a description of the item(s) and the quantity (or volume for liquids) that you have for pick up.

Materials not allowable for special pickup:

E-waste, and all hazardous or flammable materials such as paint, stains, paint thinner, and gasoline.Recyclable Materials:Correct Paper Bin.  No televisions allowed for pickup. If you have a television that needs disposed of please contact your local landfill or go to the website:

Recyclable Materials:

Yellow Paper

Co-mingle recycle is #1-7 plastics, glass, aluminum, tin, placed in recycle bin. Please bundle your newsprint and cardboard/paperboard (cereal boxes, beverage boxes) separately and place on top of or to the side of the other recyclables.

Cardboard cannot be bigger than 3-feet by 3-feet and needs to be “broken down” (flattened) with all packing material removed. No more than 6 boxes per pickup. Cardboard must also be free of wax, such as milk cartons, perishable food boxes.

 We cannot pick up your recycle if it is contaminated with trash. If contaminated, it will be disposed as trash.


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