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Town of New Castle

Residential Trash and  Recycling

All New Castle trash and recycling services  will be picked up weekly on Wednesday.  Please have your trash and recycle out on the curb by 7am.

Recyclable Materials:

Co-mingle recycle is #1-#7 plastics, glass, aluminum, tin, placed in recycle bin. Please bundle your newsprint and cardboard/paperboard (cereal boxes, beverage boxes) separately and place on top of or to the side of the other recyclables.

Cardboard should be broken down & no larger than 3-feet by 3-feet, with all packing material removed. No more than 6 boxes per pickup. Cardboard must also be free of wax, such as milk cartons, perishable food boxes.

We cannot pick up your recycle if it is contaminated with trash. If contaminated, it will be disposed as trash.

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New Castle Wednesday Calendar 2015 (Recovered)