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Residential Trash & Recycling Services

MRI provides superior trash and recycling collection for your home or business. We provide weekly, every other week and monthly services. We also have a wide array of carts, bins and dumpsters to fit every need.

We provide you with:

1 -96 gallon trash cart or

1-68 gallon trash cart & 1 -18 gallon recycle bin for weekly collection.

Call us to request service or to find out more about our trash and recycling collection services.


Residential Trash & Recycling Information

Allowable solid waste materials are all ordinary household items that are non-hazardous. All items must fit inside your 64 gallon and/or 96 gallon trash can. No items are to be placed on top of the lid or outside the trash can.

Trash cart should be placed in the street at the curb with the arrows pointing out.

The container should not be within 3 feet of any obstacles.

Please place all recycling bins at the curb on the left side of the driveway and the trash container on the right side of the driveway. This will ensure better visibility of both recycle bins.

Bulk Items

All items that are unable to fit into the containers provided may be considered extra or bulk items. For best results, call the office to set up for removal of items. Click on Bulk Items List for a full list of items that are considered for pickup.

Residential Recycle Items:

Plastics #1-#7

Mixed color glass bottles and jars, aluminum cans and foil, tin and steel cans, newspaper and magazines

Cardboard, broken down, no larger than 3’x3′  sheets, may be placed under the recycle bin.

Click for a list of Allowable Plastics

Rresidential Container Sizes:

68 Gallon: Length - 27.5” Width - 25” Height - 40”
96 Gallon: Length - 34” Width - 29” Height - 40”
18 Gallon: Length - 26” Width - 16” Height - 13”


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