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Special Events and Weddings

Special Events require special planning.  Your outdoor event can be clean and comfortable  — just like home.  For all your special events and gatherings we offer portable restroom services, handwashing stations &  “Keep Tidy” event boxes.

Keep Tidy Event Boxes                                

We offer “Keep Tidy” white trash boxes.  They are 18″x18″x30″ in size.  The boxes are a heavy duty cardboard with side handles.  The “Keep Tidy” boxes are good for special events, weddings, hotel functions, and corporate get togethers.  Trash boxes have lids available and 55 gallon liners to line the boxes.  The “Keep Tidy” boxes are a convienent way to collect all the trash and recyclables!


Our portable restrooms are the perfect solution for those special events and gatherings where permanent restrooms are not available or simply not feasible.  During the winter months, all of our port-a-potties are winterized.

Standard Port-A-Potties

Our standard port-a-potties come equipped with hand sanitizer, toilet paper and hand towel dispenser,  optional mirror, hand rail and a locking door.   Restroom comes with a urinal along with a toilet.



Deluxe Port-A-Potties

Our deluxe port-a-potties come equipped with a sink, shelf, toilet paper and hand towel dispensers, hand sanitizer, optional mirror, hand rail  and a locking door.  Our deluxe restroom is more spacious than the standard port-a-potty.

Handicapped or ADA Port-A-Potties

Our ADA port-a-potties come equipped with grab rails, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and hand towel dispenser, a 36″ self-closing door, and enough room for wheelchair turning radius.


Port-A-Jane Port-A-Potties

Our pink Port-A-Janes are specifically designed “for women only.” The Port-A-Janes come equipped with toilet paper dispenser, soap and hand towel dispensers, a vanity shelf, flushing toilet (flushable by foot), mounted mirror, a hand bag and coat hanger, and a manicure friendly door handle with lock.  Part of the proceeds of our Port-A-Janes benefit the local Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Comfort Station Port-A-Potties                             

Our comfort station port-a-potties come equipped with all the comforts of home.  The comfort stations have a sink with warm & cold water, men & women’s restrooms, air conditioning, flushing toilet (flushable by foot), and is also available on trailers to be easily transported from place-to-place.

Hand Washing Stations

Portable sinks are perfect when permanent sinks are inaccessible.  Great for weddings, social events, concerts or any event where food is being prepared. We have stations with 2 or 4 sinks that have running water and a soap dispenser. We also have available a 2 sink station with heaters for hot water.





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